• Mentoring for mastering sensitivity and thriving as a sensitive being.

  • Mentoring for living a conscious life, where you can integrate spiritual wisdoms into your everyday experience.

  • Mentoring for those who are working intuitively with others & would like to be supported to recalibrate & continue to increase your own self-awareness & energy mastery.

These sessions are for you if…

  • You are wanting to experience a deeply held, compassionate, multidimensional healing space for mind, body and soul.

  • You would like support to clear energies & grow in conscious awareness, choice and creation.

  • You are deeply committed to growth and change.  

The process…

Let’s chat about where you are in life right now, at this very moment. How does life feel and look to you?

Consider Self-confidence and self-esteem, your relationships, work, friendships, your passion and purpose, physical and emotional health and wellbeing, your connection to source and to your spiritual being and practice. What’s working for you, what’s not? What are you encountering time again but not really liking, where you are stuck? What would you like to create instead?

What you’ll be receiving…

Each session we meet you where you exactly where you are at, in a compassionate space of presence. Together we will develop a shared goal for the session or sessions and allow your unique journey to unfold.

I’ll support you to gain greater levels of self- awareness and consciously align and create a truly heart centred life.  I’ll guide you in incorporating spiritual wisdoms and insights into your practical and everyday experience.  I’ll be your coach in Functional spirituality. We will get real, have conscious conversations and support you to do the work to get you where you want to go.

Heart Centred Intuitive Counselling and Coaching to achieve freedom, peace, and harmony on all levels of your being.

If you’ve found yourself here you are ready to create…  

  • A heart centred life

  • Empowered transformation

  • Heath, healing & self-awareness

  • Confidence, self-esteem and self-worth

  • Connection & reconnection

  • Sensitive soul mastery

  • Embrace the language of emotion & intuition

  • Community & connection