Kind Words

I was first referred to Talia by a friend who spoke volumes of her powerful ability to work with energy in the body. After seeing Talia in person, I booked to work with her again through a distance session. Although apprehensive about how this would work, I was completely blown away at the power of Talia’s connection. Talia guided me through an immense heartbreak from a past love many years ago. With the intention of fully letting go and moving forward with light and love, Talia connected with me on a deep level, and allowed me to heal a wound that has been there for many years. I came out of the session lighter and feeling more connected to myself than I have in years. Talia enabled an empowerment of spirit and soul through her work. Talia is not only an incredible soul herself, but one with a very powerful gift to heal. I cannot speak highly enough of the distance session performed by Talia, and look forward to connecting through this level again in the future.

Much love Talia, it is very hard to articulate how much this healing session has meant for me and my life. You have a wonderful gift and I am sure you will touch many people’s lives through your work.
— A. Francis, NSW
The most amazing healing session I have ever had… I had in the hands of Talia. I trust her heart to have the necessary strength to hold the power that comes from above, and the generosity to act as a bridge, and pass the light to you, or me.
Many thanks, Talia, for ever, thank you, thank-you, thank-you. I am so happy for the people that come to you!
— O. Ferreras, Washington D.C
Thanks Talia I’m grateful for your words of wisdom and your ability to tune into the body and channel what is needed at that time. You are extremely intuitive and your delivery is divine.
— Simone
Talia & I have done many healing sessions together in person. She could see and feel with amazing clarity the energy movements within the different levels of my body, as well as understand the emotions which they conveyed. Her clarity, empathy and kindness enabled me to let go of unnecessary energy blockages, past trauma and physical tensions. Talia has truly been an amazing partner and guide through that adventure.
I recently had a Skype session with Talia. This session proved to me that distant healing is as powerful. Energy does not know geographical barriers. In the exact same way than when we were together in a room, Talia was able to guide me through meditation, connect to my inner state of being and help me release all energies I wished to let go of. I’m so thankful for Talia’s presence in my life and for all she has helped me discover during “face-to-face” or through Skype sessions. Thank you Talia.
— Emilie. H, NSW
My experience of Talia is that she embodies ‘heart centred healing’ – being both grounded and completely connected to Source whilst emanating unconditional love and acceptance from her whole being. Talia’s healing sessions are both gentle and very powerful and I usually experience the healing sensations continuing for a few days after the sessions and know that ongoing deep shifts are happening at all levels. I am so grateful for all the support, guidance, love and healing I receive in every session with Talia.
— Debby, Glenwood NSW
Talia is a truly gifted and intuitive healer. During my session with Talia, she used craniosacral techniques to gently unlock some very traumatic past life memories. At all times during the session I felt safe and in the hands of an expert. After my session I felt huge relief, comfort and light-heartedness. I felt that a deeply anxious part of me had been released. I am so grateful to Talia for her trust, compassion and integrity in helping me heal some of my greatest fears.
— Christabel, Paddington NSW
I just have to share! I had the most divine energy healing session with Heart Centred Healing with Talia Seychell this morning. I’m certain this lady must be an angel. There are honestly no words for me to describe just how good I’ve been feeling since. I know, I know it was only one session and how could I feel so dramatically different in such a short time but it was truly transformational.
The past two weeks I had been feeling stressed and out of sorts to say the least. My usual tools for bringing myself back to centre just weren’t doing the trick. Since the session I’ve felt the most serene sense of ease, lighter yet stronger and mentally so much clearer. Shifts were definitely made and blocks were surely released. Feeling like I’ve been realigned mentally and emotionally and softened physically.
Talia I cannot thank you enough for my session and I am beyond grateful. Thank you so verrrryyy much, you are a beautiful being who does beautiful work. Truly.
— Heidi Moore from 'This Whole Life', SA
I was diagnosed with a inflammatory musculoskeletal condition in July 2011, and in December 2012 you were recommended to me. By the time our paths crossed I had reached the point of giving up due to the lack of improvement in my condition, constant pain and harsh treatment plan, including weekly chemotherapy. It is safe to say that I was depleted physically, mentally & spiritually! The progress I have made since our first visit is quite astounding. I will never be able to thank you enough for all the guidance you have given me. It has been hard work, and there have been many tears shed in the safety of your presence! There have also been many happy moments and I have always left our sessions with a sense of peace and lightness. I truly believe that it is your healing that has put me back onto the path to Wellness and Happiness. You are not only a gifted healer and teacher but also a beautiful, kind, compassionate and altruistic soul that I am proud to call my friend.
— D. Hardy, NSW
Since I’ve been coming to see you, not only has my original state of physical discomfort decreased to almost zero, my awareness has increased 3 fold, I am calmer, and am able to deal with tense situations with a greater sense of peace then I have been able to in a long time. Talia, your healing gift is truly a rare and special gift, for which I am eternally grateful that my search led me to you. I couldn’t imagine experiencing this shift without your help – you’re a real jewel and I can’t find the right words to thank you enough other then to send you a million stars of gratitude!!!
— Rosa, Cronulla Beach NSW
Talia’s treatment has been highly effective in assisting me to improve and reduce the intensity for some constant dizziness that I had been self managing for several years. I felt benefits both immediately following the treatment as well as over the long-term.
including a significant reduction in the intensity of dizziness and fogginess in my head but have extended to giving me renewed energy, increase range of motion and fluidity of movement in my body, especially my head and neck area, reduced muscle pain and better recovery from physical work/exercise. I have a greater sense of calmness and feel more balanced emotionally.
I feel that crainosacral therapy treatments provide my body with a deep relaxation for healing and repair. I am so thankful to have found a treatment that helps my body to recover, balance and reduced the symptom of dizziness most times to the point that it is only just, or not at all, noticeable.
— L. Leopold, Adelaide SA