Domestic goddess! How to clean your inner and outer house..naturally

So… I will fess up.  I have a bit of a cleaning thing.  Okay, perhaps ‘bit’ is not a strong enough word..An Example..When it looked like my relationship was the real deal and we would shack up together and do the family thing, one of the first things I made very clear to Mike was…if you are looking for a domestic goddess I am NOT your gal!!  In fact the only time we have almost gotten a divorce was when I spent the household budget, and then some, on Enjo..back when it was all the rage.  In my mind, here was a group of natural products that..wait for it… did your cleaning for you! In fact I think part of my mental image involved putting the products in a room, closing the door and then returning a couple of hours later to a clean house!!! SERIOUSLY!!!  Hmmm.  Mikes very fair remark was “I could understand if it were shoes, you LOVE shoes…but you don’t even LIKE cleaning!!!”  13 years later we are still together and I think I have a much more realistic outlook on the whole domestic number.  

However…I think the cleaning thing is something i need to get in balance, so in order to do so…my own internal cleaning is the first step!

Natural Cleaning Tip #1 :   Use Washing Soda & Lavendar oil as Fabric Softeners

First step to getting there was to address the issues that might be causing such an adverse response to cleaning, other than that I’m a person who likes to get things done and tick them off the list.  (Is it just me or is my clean house lucky to last the day???!!) There’s something about a clean toilet that makes everyone want to use it. There’s something about space that make people really want to fill it, and there’s something about things being in the right spot that people know where to find it so they suddenly seem to be needed…fabulous…but please put it BACK!!!  ok rant over.  The other issue is as I’m cleaning I’m thinking about how much better I could spend my time to actually ‘accomplish something’ so I’m not really present but rather waiting for it all to be over!

Natural Cleaning tip #2:  Fall in love with Bicarb!  Use it for cleaning stainless steel, fridges, baths, deodorising smelly carpets & shoes, perspiration stains.  For those who are game..use it as a toothpaste to whiten teeth!

I also identified a memory playing its part in my domestic goddess aversion.  Growing up with a single mother who worked many jobs to try to keep the family going, including cleaning other peoples houses.  Before I went to school she used to take me along with her to these jobs and to keep me amused she would put me in charge of turning the tunes and changing the vinyl…Ahhh there’s nothing quite like the crackle of vinyl.  Being born very sensitive, and empathic , while she would clean, I would absorb and observe. Her perception of her struggle and shame, and mine of her HARD work for such little money, were things imprinted on my heart.

Natural Cleaning Tip #3:  Vinegar…next best friend to bicarb!  Use it to clean toilets, floors (1 cup vinegar per bucket of water), as a disinfectant, to clean irons, and to remove mould.

While she grabbed the chemicals and scrubbed others bathrooms, I turned the tunes (..I affectionally call it the ‘lop yourself’ music …think Roberta flack, Dusty springfield, Englebert Humperdink, Linda Rondstat,  and who could forget if you’ve ever had the pleasure..”I’ve never been to me” by Charlene).  And at the ripe old age of 4 I sternly resolved NEVER to clean for others….whoa…there it is…the source!!!!

Natural Cleaning Tip #5  Use Eucalyptus oil to remove stains (apply oil and stain evaporates), Burn in an oil burner or spray in a room as an air freshener, insect repellant and mild air antiseptic.

When so much emotional charge is put on something, it becomes something you are bound to encounter often and it becomes one of those old beliefs and thoughts that triggers your reactions, often unconsciously.  The saying ‘that which you resist persists’ is applicable here as the more you try to this case the cleaning..the more it will be an issue.

Natural Cleaning Tip #6:  Mould is a sucker to get rid of.  Different things work depending on how long it’s been there and where it is.  Try scrubbing with Methylated spirits and a scrubbing brush or trusty bicarb and  clove oil or epsom salts and vinegar.

So, after a bit of internal cleaning to release some old patterning and to break some redundant vows, I am now consciously choosing to change my attitude.  This doesn’t have to mean cleaning becomes a favourite passtime, but rather it becomes a neutral event instead of evoking such strong reactions.  It also means I become present during the task instead of wishing it away…So on go the candles, in come the flowers and on go the ‘lop yourself tunes’ which now bring a broad smile to my face, and a warm memory to my heart!

Some Natural Insect repellents…

My pet hate since we’ve been living in Sydney is cockroaches!!!  I read a tip the other day which I am yet to try but plan on doing next time I see one of the little suckers…use cucumber skins and bicarb!  Put in on their favourite entry points…Fab!  Check out this site for more natural pest tips