Compassion v Responsibility. A sensitive soul’s guide.

As a sensitive soul it is possible to feel everything.

The emotions of those around you, the mood and feeling of a room when you walk in, all that is said and unsaid is a palpable.  It is easy then to feel extreme compassion for others. To feel their pain and to try to help others, to want to help them.

There’s a fine line between helping others and doing it for them. Often we can take on not only peoples emotions but their physical pains and illnesses. Especially if we have the ability to transmute energy or process pain into light.

The previous path of the lightworker was to transmute for people for the planet for ourselves.  It’s not that this was wrong, it is instead that this has changed.  As people are awakening rapidly they are remembering and being supported in their own ability to transmute. Having possibly been a lightworker in many lifetimes, the ability to transmute can be so innate it may have enabled our survival many times over.  For the sensitive soul it is now time to begin to understand that whilst acknowledging this ability is present, it is not necessary to do it for everyone.

It is time to empower others to activate this within themselves.

There is a fine line between feeling someone’s experience deeply within your own being and then taking it on as being your own experience.

To be compassionate to someone we can feel their pain without judgement of good/bad or without wanting to save them or without taking responsibility for their pain or experience.  Taking on other peoples experiences of the world especially if the other person is unaware of their own feelings, can allow unintentional projections of experience, (often to an unconsciously willing recipient). Thus allowing one to blame another for their experience. In this way the experience can be externalized, which in the short term lessens the intensity of embodying it, but in the long term delays the individual transcending it, keeping it ‘alive’ in their external reality for longer.

Note the ‘willing recipient’. This is why it is essential to acknowledge the nuance between feeling compassion for another’s experience v taking responsibility.

The lesson here for the sensitive one is to acknowledge the pain and discomfort of feeling their pain and choose to bring love and compassion to the self, the aspects of self that are feeling this.  This enables detachment from the pattern, energy and experience so it becomes possible to choose not to take it on. 

Leaving others with their pain is to trust they have all they need to navigate this terrain. This is not to abandon them and not to leave them without support but it is not to save them. Saving them withdraws the ability to learn and cope and then be able to manage when it visits next time.

To allow someone their experience is to empower them. To take ownership or responsibility over someone else’s experience or choices is to take their power away.

For the sensitive soul the timing is now to let go of attachments to suffering. Attachments from ancestral lineage, from other lifetimes, from this lifetime. We are being deeply supported by the universe to do this. To move through Karma, DNA memory and embodiment of old patterns. To say enough is enough. It ends here. I choose to experience joy. I am sad you choose to experience life in such a way but I allow you your experience.  There is a universally supported window that has been opened allowing us to move through these deep patterns quickly albeit intensely.


This dynamic has been triggered in the collective close to easter and it might seem at times as if there is a pulling into patterns of unconsciousness bullying, victimisation, as if people are travelling well, and then suddenly welling up from inside and in their energy field builds a feeling that is so uncomfortable, that they want to get rid of it, they are overtaken by a powerful emotional cloud, as if they become something other than themselves and they act blindly to attack, victimize. The feeling is like the analogy of a hot potato that just feels to hot to hang onto so I want to throw it away.

The easiest place to throw it is at the person who is also aware of it…(the one who sees the potato and feels how hot it is!) the sensitive soul, the one who feels others and therefore can acknowledge the existence of their experience. Imagine the one blissfully ignorant to what is going on for the other. This is where the sensitive soul can exercise their ability to choose to ‘witness’ the experience but not to confuse it with their own.

This is the difficult and fine line, the nuance that is often hard to navigate as it requires a great deal of fortitude to witness pain and feel  others discomfort and simply ‘be’ with them in it, without taking it. This witnessing enables others to witness and to ‘feel’ and therefore to make choices about it, and to bring it back into motion.

Emotions are simply energy in motion. It’s when they’re not in motion they get stuck and influence our experience from a place of unconscious.

How can we help people most?  


By supporting people, validating them and sitting with them in their experience…this frees them up to feel and to choose and then we can be supportive in this process.

By witnessing alongside another we support them, their field and their true self to align.  We hold space for the other to see themselves to make a choice.

As I have said often to my clients. If you are wearing a dress, how do you know about the existence of the dress you are wearing unless you look in a mirror.  Or  unless you see someone else wearing it.  If you see someone else wearing it, it is easy to judge them or the dress, thereby externalizing experience, feeling a false power. If you then see them as your mirror, this enables you to acknowledge you are wearing the dress. Once you know you are wearing it you can make choices. Do you like the dress or parts of the dress? Do you want to cut off the sleeves, change the length, or does the dress in fact belong to someone else do you need to give it back or does it not feel like it fits anymore at all and do you need to just take it off, choose to discard it? This is the power we can give back to others, by not taking on their pain. But supporting them in how they want to wear the dress or if they in fact want to wear it at all.

Compassion is the greatest gift we can give ourselves or others. Compassion and not ownership. Compassion and Empathy V sympathy and saving.

Sensitive souls it is time to release attachments to our own and others suffering.  Detach from owning, processing as our own and support others to transmute.  For us all to transmute we can continue to grow and awaken and experience the joy of being even more connected to our greater selves.

With Love Laughter & Care on your Journey,

Talia x