Alter your body language…and your life!

How we carry ourselves can send direct messages to our body about how we feel.

Did you know it’s possible simply by altering your body position to influence hormones such as cortisol in as little as 2 minutes?

Have you noticed how you feel stretching after sitting at the computer for a while? Or Have you tried smiling when you are sad and found it has made you feel a little better?  In Craniosacral therapy this can be observed and expressed by ‘how our psychology feeds into our physiology and vice versa’.   For example, if we clench our jaw and tighten our shoulders we can activate the vagus nerve, stimulating the flight fight response.  Conversely if we experience a threatening situation and as a result the vagus nerve is activated, it can in turn lead to the body language of clenching the jaw, tightening the shoulder muscles and positioning our body in fight/flight. Another good example can be seen with  The Mandible or jaw.  Energetically it represents our ‘face to the outside world’.  Chronic mandible or jaw tension can be part of putting on a different face or holding onto what is actually happening internally.  By expressing our deeper selves we can in turn relax the mandible.  Or by having a session and the therapist supporting a mandible release, we can make our self expression easier and more graceful.

If we can be more body aware we can feel into these patterns, get their message, and alter them.  This releases the need for a physical symptom to continue. 

Awareness of our thought patterns & emotions is a necessary first step to Healing.   Emotions are the body’s messages so ‘Feeling’ into the self and watching with curiosity what the body is doing and feeling can give us much information.  Sometimes nothing more is needed other than our choice to explore ourselves, and bodies and emotions.  The willingness to be curious with our inner landscape.  Such observing can aid our discovery of what we have been previously unaware of, empowering us to make choices to change or seek what we need.  Being the observer of our unconscious, we become our own witness.  This is ‘awareness’.    Awareness empowers us to make choices, rendering the physical communication of the body symptoms unnecessary.  Having a real desire to explore and approach the ‘self’ with humility and radical honest enquiry enables us to tune into the body’s communication of symptoms as a messenger and to  stimulate us to make change.  If we can become aware of our thoughts then we can create space between the thought and action, giving us greater space to choose.

Feelings are the language of our soul – Carl Jung

Here are some simple steps to change our body language and bringing about change

  • Physical movement – Sometimes it’s important just to get things moving, surprise the body and move differently.  Shaking things up.  Remember if we do what we’ve always done, we get what we’ve always got!

  • Body work – To be ‘held’ in a session such as in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy you can be supported to be your own witness and hold space for your body to see itself and create it’s own self directed change.

  • Fake it till you make it or put another way, Catch your body out, catch your life out.  Notice something in your body that is tense like a clenched fist and relax it.  Notice if you are hunched over and reposition yourself.  Observe if your weight while standing is evenly distributed in your feet and if not rebalance.  Notice how it feels in your heels of your feet and how this differs with the balls of your feet. Be curious.   Practices such as Yoga and Pilates support this awareness and repositioning.

  • Take a Break.  This can be as simple as an hour by the ocean, or a 5 minute breather outside or a holiday away.  The advantage of space/a break to observe can never be underestimated.  It can assist us in regaining our centre and ‘self’ and observing ourselves more objectively.  Ever been on a holiday only to return and vow to bring something back with you or hold onto something you got while you were away?  It may simply be the recognition of the benefit of slowing down, or the reconnection with family, or the remembering of what brings you joy, or the reorganisation of priorities.

  • Noticing in a daily connection practice of any kind.  This is a necessary part of cultivating self awareness. Seeing this time as a process of developing self- relationship.  It can give you so much information about what is going on for you, your body, your energy.  All you need to make is a beginning.

  • Re committ to yourself.  Reframing self -ish to self full.  Remembering that to be all we wish to be for others, and in our own world, we need to have our bucket full in order to give.

‘Body awareness not only anchors you in the present moment, it also strengthens the immune system and the body’s ability to heal itself’   Eckhart Tolle

With Love Laughter & Care on your Journey,

Talia x