This a gentle client led process where your body & being will set the intention, process and pace of the session.

It supports re-integration of inertia, unresolved emotion and experience and empowers your body's natural healing process to restore balance. 

Breathed’ into the craniosacral fluid is the ‘breath of life’ which contains all the wisdom your body needs to re-establish its own healing mechanisms and reclaim health balance and harmony of body mind and spirit. 

Visionary Craniosacral Therapy is profound journey facilitated by deeply embodied and heart centred listening.  An Intuitive healing therapy where you will be deeply supported. holding space, gently and unconditionally enabling you to access deep realms of consciousness.   

This awareness and orientation perceives potential, and facilitates balance, alignment and integration: body mind and soul and spirit.   

  • Heart Centred and deeply embodied listening

  • Perceiving potential & facilitating change

  • Holding space witnessing

  • Journeying of spirit

This therapy can be performed & experienced 1:1 in person, remotely or via a surrogate.