I’ve been supporting people in Australia and all over the globe  for over 20 years as an Intuitive Guide, a Multidimensional Healer and a Sensitive Soul Mentor.

I do this by acting as a facilitator and a catalyst for deepening connection and mastering your intuition.

Working in a space of high frequency and deep connection I act as a bridge between energy and science for Functional Spirituality. Helping you to ground and incorporate spiritual wisdom into your body and your everyday experience.

I’ve also lived my own journey of transformation which has formed the foundation of my passion to empower others with the Tools and support for reconnecting remembering rebalancing and transforming their lives.

My journey that lead me here…


I came into this world a highly sensitive and intuitive empath with the ability to read peoples energy, unconscious thoughts and emotions and see where they are impacting the body, and have spent much of my life mastering how to marry these qualities into everyday experience.  This awareness and integration of spirit with the physical is the gift I use working with people.  To lovingly guide and support others to navigate the world as a sensitive being, to be vital to be well and reconnect to our innate ability and inner healing wisdom, to embrace emotion and remember our authority and power to create and live heartfelt and joyous lives wherever that path takes you and whatever that looks like. To be sensitive and still thrive in the world.

The first part of my life I was immersed in trauma and had to refine my extra senses to survive and also had to master diving into the shadow and remodelling myself to create a life that was in every way different to my experiences. As a result I lived transformation.

My formal education in the healing world began with a diploma of Applied Science in Naturopathy and a post-graduate degree in Transpersonal and Health Counselling.

With over 20 years experience in private practice as a naturopath and working with my own health issues, I felt drawn to delve deeper and find a way to meet deeply held and unresolved emotion and experience at a cellular memory level. I was on the search for how to reprogram cells at this core level to remove the trauma messaging and restore them to their original core functioning and expression. I discovered craniosacral therapy and immersed myself in the biodynamics and stillness trainings.

This gave me permission to open up to and embrace the healing arts and more of my intuitive nature and psychic skills in my work place and not just in my own life, and continue the journey to integrate the two parts of my experience.

I have the ability to feel and read emotions and unconscious thought and see where it is impacting the body and to use this information to guide people to reconnect to their ability to reorganise and re-establish health, which enables me to facilitate reconnection to their original true selves, and to become conscious of and clear what is getting in the way of their expression of it. Holding a space of pure loving light and grounding a high frequency to support clarity, reconnection and truth, and healing. Coaching others to use energy emotion and information to empower embody and express their true nature is at the heart of my sessions. Empowering others to recognise that they have and always have had the answers within them and are they are able to access what they need.

I hold a great space of love and compassion but I do not do your work for you. You will be guided and supported to remember & deepen your connection to the language of your multidimensional self and the universal truths and divine laws and your ability to uses these to embody more of your loving light for yourself, for one another and for our planet. Reconnecting to what has always been so. Returning to self-mastery on all levels.

My training and experience

I’ve combined my journey with formal training as a Naturopath, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Transpersonal Health Counsellor and my own developed multidimensional healing technique to support you to embrace intuition as your strength. To clear unconscious patterns and blocks, whether physical, emotional or spiritual and to navigate your world as a sensitive being.

Working with me is to…

Discover your own unique path to healing and transformation. Reconnect to your inherent healing nature and empowered with the tools to know how to use and apply it.