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Wisdom from a furry friend

Posted on 10th August, by admin in Talia's Blog.

A humorous lesson in karma & the futility of anger

July/August held two eclipses with one more on its way. As the moon eclipses the sun we are in shadow, a chance to look at the shadow self.  Our conscious mind is eclipsed and we can experience our subconscious selves, providing us with the opportunity to go inward and evaluate the self with truth and honesty.  Not to judge ourselves but in order to liberate the aspects of ‘self’ held in past experiences.

For me I was working through some past childhood disappointment and anger around what I felt ‘should’ve’ happened.  I knew it was time to let it go but a deep ‘shadow’ part of me wanted my pain to be validated and for the other person I had felt disappointed by to acknowledge how they had a … Read More

Being Present in this crazy world – the Physical & Spiritual ‘How’ and ‘Why’

Posted on 25th March, by admin in Talia's Blog.

Life is increasingly sped up in this crazy, busy world.  In every moment there is the opportunity to fit ‘just one more’ thing in. There always seems to be more to do.  I find this in my own life, especially now as I add teenage Uber driver to my CV.  So how is being present going to help, and why?

Firstly let me differentiate, being present doesn’t necessarily mean making a clean swipe of life’s tasks and abandoning all else to sit and ‘om’ in a corner.  Although I’m sure that may work for some!

Being present simply means being in the moment, whatever activity you find yourself undertaking.

Are you driving the car, hanging washing or completing that assignment with your mind already many steps ahead of you, thinking about the other million tasks you may have to do?   … Read More

How to weather intense emotions

Posted on 8th September, by admin in Talia's Blog.

You are not your emotions- How to separate the ‘you’ from ‘your experience’

Interesting fact for you – we operate from the subconscious mind over 90% of the time.  This means our thoughts and emotions often ‘happen to us’ or ‘influence us’ to act or feel a certain way, without us really knowing why, or without much awareness/consciousness in our behaviour.  This can lead to feeling dissatisfied with life  and often feeling ‘victim’ to it.  

Without looking at or into our beliefs,  our behaviour patterns and our sub conscious influences, it can be an enormous & lengthy challenge to create or sustain any change.  This can be frustrating.  It also can lead us to ‘identify’ with our emotions or experiences, seeing them as part of ourselves and in doing this we ‘forget’ our true nature.  

We become what we feel.
Until … Read More

If you had one super power what would it be?

Posted on 14th September, by admin in Talia's Blog.


We have this discussion a lot in our house.  If you had one super power what would it be? Our girls generally ask this question and then it’s a hot and lively debate about what you’d choose and why.  Each of us emphatically explaining and then championing our choice.  Time travel seems to be the consistent Super Power winner, although I’ve gotta say the rules and permutations around this are often not agreed upon!  Should you have this super power and be allowed to change things? Or just observe?  Could it be used for  material gain?  Or simply to learn without impacting your current world?  Could we distort time?  Make it go slower, pause it or speed it up?  All great considerations don’t you think?

So how does this relate to what’s happening in our world and energy at the … Read More

The Breath of Life

Posted on 21st June, by admin in Talia's Blog.

I’m a wee bit proud at the moment.  My dear sister & brother in law have welcomed little Aiden into their family.  It was a quick but extremely loving and graceful entry into the world.  The whole family is as proud as punch.  Well done Lizzie!

And Welcome to the world Aiden Joseph!

As the mother of two girls, I now also get to love a little boy like he’s my own, without going through the blood sweat and tears, nor the nappy changes or sleepless nights!  Thanks Liz and Simon!

We got to meet little Aiden on his second day in the world, and during our cuddle I found us going straight into an impromptu Craniosacral session.  I checked in quickly with the parents whether it was ok to proceed and off we went!

One of the fundamentals in craniosacral … Read More

How to Tap into the Healing power of Vulnerability.

Posted on 20th February, by admin in Talia's Blog.

Most of us find it pretty challenging to be vulnerable.  It can feel like we are opening ourselves up for judgement and ridicule so we put a filter up to protect ourselves.

Being vulnerable shares a relationship with our heart chakra.  When we feel exposed we can close our heart chakra again for protection.  This judgement on what we are experiencing creates an open/close dynamic within the heart.  Feel safe = open.  Feel unsafe = closed.

View your experiences without Judging them as either ‘Good’ or ‘Bad‘

The challenge that comes with allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is to be able to view our experiences without judgement.  To feel our emotions.  This may sound pretty basic but how many of us only feel what feels comfortable?  We’re only human right?  Sometimes it’s not comfortable to feel … Read More