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Alter your body language…and your life!

Posted on 10th September, by admin in Talia's Blog.

How we carry ourselves can send direct messages to our body about how we feel.

Did you know it’s possible simply by altering your body position to influence hormones such as cortisol in as little as 2 minutes?

Have you noticed how you feel stretching after sitting at the computer for a while? Or Have you tried smiling when you are sad and found it has made you feel a little better?  In Craniosacral therapy this can be observed and expressed by ‘how our psychology feeds into our physiology and vice versa’.   For example, if we clench our jaw and tighten our shoulders we can activate the vagus nerve, stimulating the flight fight response.  Conversely if we experience a threatening situation and as a result the vagus nerve is activated, it can in turn lead to the body language … Read More

Being Present in this crazy world – the Physical & Spiritual ‘How’ and ‘Why’

Posted on 25th March, by admin in Talia's Blog.

Life is increasingly sped up in this crazy, busy world.  In every moment there is the opportunity to fit ‘just one more’ thing in. There always seems to be more to do.  I find this in my own life, especially now as I add teenage Uber driver to my CV.  So how is being present going to help, and why?

Firstly let me differentiate, being present doesn’t necessarily mean making a clean swipe of life’s tasks and abandoning all else to sit and ‘om’ in a corner.  Although I’m sure that may work for some!

Being present simply means being in the moment, whatever activity you find yourself undertaking.

Are you driving the car, hanging washing or completing that assignment with your mind already many steps ahead of you, thinking about the other million tasks you may have to do?   … Read More

Compassion v Responsibility. A sensitive soul’s guide.

Posted on 29th March, by admin in Talia's Blog.

As a sensitive soul it is possible to feel everything.

The emotions of those around you, the mood and feeling of a room when you walk in, all that is said and unsaid is a palpable.  It is easy then to feel extreme compassion for others. To feel their pain and to try to help others, to want to help them.

There’s a fine line between helping others and doing it for them. Often we can take on not only peoples emotions but their physical pains and illnesses. Especially if we have the ability to transmute energy or process pain into light.

The previous path of the lightworker was to transmute for people for the planet for ourselves.  It’s not that this was wrong, it is instead that this has changed.  As people are awakening rapidly they are remembering … Read More