Being Present in this crazy world – the Physical & Spiritual ‘How’ and ‘Why’

Posted on 25th March, by admin in Talia's Blog.

Life is increasingly sped up in this crazy, busy world.  In every moment there is the opportunity to fit ‘just one more’ thing in. There always seems to be more to do.  I find this in my own life, especially now as I add teenage Uber driver to my CV.  So how is being present going to help, and why?

Firstly let me differentiate, being present doesn’t necessarily mean making a clean swipe of life’s tasks and abandoning all else to sit and ‘om’ in a corner.  Although I’m sure that may work for some!

Being present simply means being in the moment, whatever activity you find yourself undertaking.

Are you driving the car, hanging washing or completing that assignment with your mind already many steps ahead of you, thinking about the other million tasks you may have to do?   Is your unconscious thought process sending loops and stories of “I will never get this done, I’m so busy”  or beliefs “no one ever does anything but me”, or judgements “look at them over there with nothing to do, taking advantage”?

In this situation the mind is sending messages to our physiology

Our body responds accordingly to the stress messages of the mind, releasing hormones, contracting muscles, identifying with emotions in response to our stories, all without our conscious noticing.  Creating more for us to resolve and let go.

The mind does not discern between what is actually happening and what our thoughts are telling our body.

Do you notice also that the ‘things to do’ don’t get done faster with our sense of urgency,  but rather they get done at the same pace, in a more hurried way leaving us more stressed at the other end.

Being present doesn’t correlate with having nothing to do but rather

being in the moment in whatever we are doing

How to be present and most importantly the ‘Why’?  What benefits does it have?

The Why

The physical benefits are huge.  Being present enables us to slow down our nervous system, and therefore to move ourselves out of ‘flight or fight’,  inflammation and overwhelm.  This supports our muscles to be relaxed and our body to be in a position to perform its many functions including digestion, detoxification, repair, filtration. Presence also promotes homeostasis and therefore supports our effective response to dis – ease.   For example moving out of busyness and being present is of great benefit to some states of dis-ease  where cells are dividing out of control, and are sped up, replicating without checks and according to our unconscious instructions.

Spiritually and Emotionally:

To quote Mr Sinatra….Where do i begin?!  Like all spiritual truths the simplicity is it’s profound beauty.  Being present and in the moment allows us to notice and to witness, thoughts, emotions and our body.  This enables us to create space from our thoughts beliefs and behaviours.  This space empowers us to be able to make choices.  It also gives us SO much information.  It makes it possible for us to choose not to identify with the stories of the nervous system that keep us stuck in certain behaviours, patterns or situations and gives us back our power to bring healing to ‘the I am’ that is thinking those things, thereby reclaiming another part of our divine being as an expression of the whole.

When you are present you are grounded and connected.  This enables you to be supported by the earth your body and the world around you, whilst also connected to your highest self and therefore have access to your intuitive guidance.

The How

There are many ways to bring presence into your body and being in a single moment.  One of the simplest methods is to breathe. Again one of lifes profound simplicities! Notice the breath without judgement.  Then bring your awareness to wonder or curiosity. Can you feel the breath in a certain part of your body ie your feet.  This will help you ground.  Your breath is always with you regardless of it’s qualities, so taking a moment to be grateful for your breath.  Where you bring gratitude you bring energy and frequency.  This tells the universe/multiverse what you want and enabling it to respond and bring you all that matches that frequency.  In other words:  Manifesting!  This can all be done in a few seconds.  Slowing everything down.  The more time you are able to spend in breathing and noticing the more present you will feel.

Of course there are many ways to empower you to ‘know’ presence,  enabling you to feel a palpable reference point so that you may access presence in an even greater way in your own space.  Meditation, mindful movement ie Yoga, Qi Gong, and therapies like Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy where you are ‘held’ in presence, support you to bring more of your own divine awareness into your body, facilitating not only the downloading of your inherent healing resources, but also a greater connection to self.   Quite a blissful space to be and a great reference point for you to recognise this space when you connect at home.

Practicing presence becomes a great tool to weather life more smoothly.  Like a tree grounds firmly into the earth, presence grounds you deeply in your body so that whatever is happening on the surface your roots hold and support you in your centre.  Take a few moments throughout your day to practice, and your body and being will respond and mirror your loving awareness.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog .   Feel free to share it with others (in its original full format please), and as always I’m always keen to hear your stories and insights so would love to read your comments.

With Love Laughter & Care on your Journey,

Talia x