New Anatomy discoveries causing the text books to be rewritten! And why Craniosacral Therapists are so excited!

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 Neuroscientists have made an amazing discovery. One that brings hope and treatment potential for those living with chronic disorders involving the brain and central nervous system: Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Multiple sclerosis, Depression Anxiety, Mood Disorders, and Chronic Fatigue. Potentially for all neurological disorders!

brain lymph

Medical experts have previously taught and worked on the assumption that the brain is completely separate from the body’s immune system. For this reason once any substance enters the brain fluid, cranial sinuses and brain tissues, it is very difficult for the body to clear or to create an adequate immune response.

Warning… I’m about to go all anatomical on you. Feel free to skip to the part where I talk about why this discovery is so important, or for those who want more detail, plenty of info can be seen by enquiring with Dr Google and sites such as “Visible Body’. Anyone wanting a brief intro read on…

It’s important to understand the role of Lymphatic System to realise the potential impact of this new anatomical discovery. So here goes. The lymphatic system is part of the Immune System, and the major waste removal system of the body. Lymphatic vessels are a tree like network of pipes, or channels, that run throughout the body, but previously thought not to enter the brain. The brain was believed to be separated from the body and immune system by the BBB or Blood Brain Barrier. The lymphatic vessels were understood to stop at the base of the skull. This made it hard to influence infection or disease as there was thought to be limited access of the brain to the immune system. Unlike the heart, the Lymph has no pump so it also requires movement and a low viscosity watery nature of the fluids to move efficiently. The lymphatic fluid is a major part of the bodies immune system, transporting white blood cells to sites of injury, and around the body regulating inflammation or disease and feeding back to the rest of the body on what the pathogen or bacteria is and sending for ‘back up’ immune support.

So tell me already..what is the new discovery?

Neuroscientists Antoine Louveau Jonathan Kipnis and colleagues at the University of Virginia in the USA have now made and published an amazing discovery that proves links between the brain and immune system via newly identified glymphatic pathways!  This gives therapeutics a new realm of possiblities.  This means that the lymphatic vessels in fact run directly alongside the blood vessels up into the meninges , the protective tissue around of the brain, thought previously to stop at the brain stem.  Michal Schwartz an immunologist from the Weizmann Institute in Israel proposed this idea of a closer connection between the brain and the immune system in the late 90’s. Prior to these discoveries no direct link between the brain and the immune system had been made.

Why is this discovery so important?

This is possibly one of the most exciting pieces of information as a Craniosacral Therapist as CST is one of the few therapies able to drain and work the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal chord. Now that these connections have been made there is speculation that impaired drainage of these vessels may be thought to be contributing to the inability to clear proteins resulting in further degeneration and progression of neurological disorders.  The ability to offer greater support to those living with neurological disorders is both encouraging and exciting.

Why do we need to drain brain lymph?

Basically because if we don’t we get Brain Drain!  Seriously though.  Heavy metals such as Mercury and Aluminium have an affinity for the brain, left over compounds from anaesthetics and medications can be found in the CSF, neurotransmitters involved in stress responses and other toxic waste, emotional & mental stress compounds.  All of these can cause brain lymph congestion, foggy thinking and memory, and impair neurological functioning.  The knowledge that we have lymphatic vessels alongside the brain is important information for all of us supporting health and wellbeing, enabling our body’s own self healing mechanisms to function optimally but especially important for those that live with diseases or disorders where brain tissue is damaged and there is compromised brain drainage as there can now be an offering of hope and treatment potential.

Craniosacral Therapy Improves Brain Tissue Cleansing

As a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist, part of my role is to support and encouraging the body to release trauma locked within the tissues.  This improves physiological function and activates the body’s natural healing processes. By employing Craniosacral techniques it is possible to restore and enhance fluid movement within the brain and spinal cord and throughout the whole body. This increases Cerebrospinal fluid motion and improves glymphatic flushing of the brain tissues. This flushing is essential not only for detoxification and the supply of essential nutrients to the brain but also to reduce inflammation and restore function. The scientific discovery of Lymphatic vessels in the brain further validates Craniosacral Therapy as a preventative therapy but also as an effective treatment for diseases involving brain injury and inflammation. Exciting news for sure!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog .   Feel free to share it with others especially those who you feel may benefit from this latest discovery and who would enjoy Craniosacral Therapy (in its original full format please), and as always I’m always keen to hear your stories and insights so would love to read your comments.

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