Intuitive Heart Wisdom for 2018

Posted on 12th January, by admin in Talia's Blog.

The energy arising at the beginning of this year is about timeline duality.  Two different choices, each seeming very real, which one will you choose? 

Each are energetically very ‘real’  choices.  One is a very old story.  As such the palpable nature of it is magnetic.  It draws you in with such a strength that often you are in it before you realise.  Awareness, and choosing not to be drawn in can be likened to holding on by the fingernails with the force at which it pulls you.  This is also a clue to  to whatever it is that is pulling you in is perhaps not in serving your highest vibration .

Of the two timelines initially this one may seem the most charged, or carry the strongest energy.  Part of the challenge is to ‘see’ it and choose differently, or …not.  Do you want or  do you need to re experience themes and patterns in order to know what you do and don’t want?   There is no right and wrong here.

Part of the old timeline carries ancestral and genetic stories, hence the strong pull.  Are you ready to step off the Karmic Wheel?

The other timeline, or pathway is new.  It holds all of the creations available to you from the many shifts and all the ‘work’ you did in 2017 and the previous few years.  It has been created as a possible choice due to the shifts of ourselves, the earth and all those working in the ethers and the background.  The silent and often unseen warriors.

Because this reality is ‘new’ and hasn’t been available to us previously it can initially seem scary , there can be some anxiety as the landscape is unknown and there is no ‘certainty’.  This is indeed true universal flow, where trust and courage are required to step in and allow your highest creations to flow through you.

The energy of the moment is Sifting and reviewing what we have experienced and then choosing what we will take forward and the ‘feeling’ of where we want to be.  When clarity lands, actioning the ‘feeling’ of what we want to create in each of our choices will add more charge to the reality we have chosen, and it will unfold to reveal heart centred creations to explore!

Meanwhile many of us have had a break and returning to our daily rhythms still feeling tired and perhaps that we could have done with more time and rest.  A good reminder for us all regardless of where we are  to practice self love, care and kindness as and of course patience, especially in the’ sifting and review’ phase where there is a tendency to feel like we haven’t moved.  Love love and more love as you acknowledge all that you’ve done and shift your perspective to the gift of being able to review as a way to choose what you’re taking forward.

Or if you’re already moving into action, Let that big heart create and roam free my friend!

Regardless of where you find yourself, the energies of 2018 are exciting with a lot more available to us.  More and more opportunities, should you take them, to return to the truest versions of ourselves, and if you choose it… whoa hang on..they are strong, empowered and connected energies.

Keep your intentions strong and clear and if the future looks unwritten it’s because in many ways it is!  Connect with the feeling of what you want to create, activate and magnetise it and then when the time comes, action it with all of your heart and ability.

Happy 2018 everyone!

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Talia x