Intuitive Healing

“There are many healers who adopt the “one size fits all” approach but what I love about our sessions is that – that approach is definitely not how you work. With every session we have had, I have experienced shifts. As my issues surface and “disappear” new issues arise, and you have the ability to tune into and help me to heal the “new” me every single time. It is very humbling when such loving attention is given to me and my state of health and wellbeing.”
R Pallibark

“The power of truly being seen and having someone witness  our experience enables Body, Mind and Soul to balance.”

In being completely present with the body/mind/soul we reach a powerful stillness. A place of possibility, offering a mirror to see itself. An opportunity to return from the energy invested in the future “what if’s” or the past ‘I should haves’ to the Now. It is in this state of ‘being’ we truly return to our essence and to the great healing momentum, found at the core of each and every one of us, our own divine presence.

Greater levels of Awareness leads to greater amounts of Choice

When we work together I fascillitate and hold the space for your body and soul to return to itself, to witness current movement, thought or energy patterns that may no longer be serving you. This acknowledgement of the self enables the body/soul to bring forth and activate its own healing resources, and the brings forth the possibility of making new choices.

The ability to be ‘present’ enables us to fully connect with our own inner wisdom and in that moment there is Awareness and the ability to make different choices, giving ourselves the gift of different possiblitites.

Each Healing experience is completely unique for each individual, and on each visit.

I tune in and listen with both my heart and hands to whatever arises during the session, enabling you also to be completely ‘present’ with yourself and your own process. Perceiving and then gently guiding & fascillitating your own ‘directions’ and ‘instructions’ for your healing journey, channelling and transmitting energy and information relevant to your experience.  Sometimes I will prescribe Herbs, Nutritional Supplements or a unique blend of Essences to support your healing.

Skype, Email or Distant Healings Available