Light Therapy

Light and Crystals have been used for Healing across many different countries and cultures for centuries.

How it works

Seven clear quartz crystals are aligned with your seven main energy centres and coloured light is pulsed in a specific rhythm to enable you to deeply clear, and rebalance your energy.  This healing takes place on all levels of your being, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Why would I book a Light Therapy session?

If you are looking for a healing therapy to address all levels of your being then a light therapy session would be a great place to start.

If you are coming with a physical imbalance or dis-ease you may find that healing takes place on other levels such as the emotional, mental or spiritual level, before being able to clear and create improvement within the body. An imbalance in the energy field impacts the physical body, influencing emotional and spiritual wellbeing. By balancing the energy, you can create shifts on the emotional level that flow through to bring about changes on the physical level, the body, assisting you to find more balance joy and fulfilment in all areas of your being.

Making changes in your internal world will in turn reflect changes in your outer world.

Is this therapy for you?

  • Would you like to release any emotions or unconscious patterns or beliefs that may be influencing your life?
  • Do you want to develop a greater level of awareness or understanding of emotional and energetic contributors to physical symptoms?
  • Are you looking to create healing and wellness through your emotional, physical and spiritual being? Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.
  • Do you feel stuck in any area of your life and want to create flow?
  • Or are you are simply wanting to rest, recharge and reconnect with yourself in a supported loving space.

What will happen and what will I feel during a session?

You begin the session with an individual consultation with Talia where needs and desires for what you would like to receive are discussed.  During the conversation, Talia will read your energy and help you gain more clarity around the issues that you have brought with you to the session.

You will then move to relax on your back fully clothed on the massage table.  The seven clear quartz crystals are aligned above each of your main energy centres and the light & frequency gently pulsed through.  Talia will guide you gently to move your awareness from your mind to rest gently in your heart, channelling any further clarity or awareness your energy or soul needs in order to deeply let go and open up to receive.

You may feel tingling, temperature changes, heaviness.  Sometimes you may experience emotions rise to the surface to be let go.  Other times you may simply feel extremely relaxed as in the state just before you go to sleep.  Each person’s experience is completely different, as is the pace and content of the healing journey.  It is completely unique to you and dependant on many factors, including your own readiness and commitment to your healing process.

At each session, you will receive profound healing uniquely relevant to your needs, awareness and reason for booking a session.  Light Therapy can be used on its own or as part of a combined wellness plan and can be used by people of all ages and stages of life and by your pets!!  Personally, we have the whole family using Light Therapy techniques including our Puppy Juno!

Here are some before during and after pictures of our puppy Juno who was bitten by a spider and very sick and another time she’d hurt her hip and wasn’t able to walk.

juno relax on cb

poor puppy

juno not well

Juno after a spider bite. Unable to sit up, shaky, sleepy and slumped on the floor. Very un puppy like

juno after spider bite on cb

Juno on the table. Again very un puppy like to lay still for such a long time. Droopy sad face 🙁


juno normal fave spot

Back to her normal self and a favourite spot at the top of the stairs