Healing Therapies

“True Health takes into account all levels of our being. It is a journey of transformation unique to each individual.” Talia

Within each of us is the ability to heal ourselves. Reconnect into your own self healing & your body’s own healing resources and wisdom.

Sessions are about Reorienting and Reconnecting with the Health you already have within you, and Remaining in contact with its expression in your body and life!

  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle energy based body therapy.

    Every cell in the body expresses a rhythmic movement which is fundamental to life. This movement has been called craniosacral motion. At the core of the body the Cerebrospinal fluid, which bathes and cushions the brain and spinal chord, expresses this motion in a tide like ebb and flow. Bones, organs and tissues each follow their own pattern of movement. This movement is palpable with a therapists hands.

    ‘Breathed’ into the craniosacral fluid is the ‘breath of life’ which contains all the wisdom your body needs to re establish its own healing mechanisms

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  • Talia tunes in and listens with heart and hands to whatever arises during the session, enabling you also to be completely 'present' with yourself and your own process. Perceiving and then gently guiding & fascillitating your own 'directions' and 'instructions' for your healing journey, channelling any information relevant to your experience.

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  • Either on its own or combined with a bodywork session. Using nature’s tools to support the body’s own healing process. Typically the initial consultation will be a discussion around what has bought you into HCH and to see Talia. A detailed history will be taken including family history and lifestyle. With all this information Talia will help you formulate a plan to help you achieve and maintain your aims, drawing together the resources & support you may need on this journey.

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  • Light and crystals have been used for Healing across many different countries and cultures for centuries. Seven clear quartz crystals are aligned with your seven main energy centres and coloured light is pulsed in a specific rhythm to enable you to rebalance your energy influencing your being on all levels, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

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  • Mentoring sessions with me are for those who are deeply committed to living their lives consciously and are wanting loving support & guidance to explore, step into and become the whole of their divine potential.
    Be deeply supported and lovingly guided to Integrate Spiritual and Energetic wisdoms into your physical and practical experience.

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